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Steklenik – gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art – the opening

Steklenik – gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art – the opening

Saturday, 20. 10. 2018, at 12.00 AM (noon)

Steklenik opened with eight channel sound exhibition by Boštjan Perovšek: Bugs, a Walrus and a Door – Steklenik 2018

Steklenik, gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art is an art programme in the space of Tivoli Greenhouse. It addresses works that are connecting art and science practices through sonic research of nature and environment. Presented artworks range from bioacoustics, sound ecology, soundscapes, sound art, etc. They are intended for curious public, interested in joint experience of botanic observation and listening to the current artwork from Steklenik programme.

Steklenik is a cross-pollinating space for creation, research, and presentation of artworks, exhibitions, performances and accompanying events. It offers insight in creative and research processes. It addresses the public, interested in cohabitation of space, environment, nature and its entities in holistic ecosystems. Through activities we research the perception and understanding of these phenomena and the way of their formation via sound and listening. Listening to such artworks in the space, intended for the study of botanic biodiversity, enriches the experience and enables the connection of nature and art.

Greenhouse is an exhibition space that enables good conditions for the growth, research and admiring of selected botanical organisms. If we observe it through the aspect of space, such structure is similar to the spaces of art production; theatre, gallery, concert hall, radio…  The connection between both contents, the botanical and the sound art, is an interesting example of intermingling of science and art.

Steklenik is a partnership project of Cona Institute and University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana. Cona technically equipped and installed sound system in the east wing of the Tivoli Greenhouse, in which the programme of the gallery is offered. University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana provide the space capacities and collaborates in formation of connections between the scientific and artistic way of doing research and creation. Together we form a new connective space. Selected, created, and presented artworks are tackling the questions of sound, ecology, space, and introduce the audience to different ways of listening.

Concept and Management:
Irena Pivka  e-mail: irena(at)
Brane Zorman  e-mail: brane(at)
Organisation and Communications:
Katarina Radaljac e-mail: katarina(at)

Botanical Garden Representatives:
Dr. Jože Bavcon, Blanka Ravnjak, MA

Steklenik is supported by Ministry of Culture RS and  Municipality of Ljubljana Culture.

For past and current exhibitions, sound events, workshops go to Steklenik web site

Hybrid View, A four channel composition commissioned for  EBU Ars Acustica conference 2018

Hybrid View, A four channel composition commissioned for EBU Ars Acustica conference 2018

Hybrid View

A four channel Composition was premiered presented live as an special event during EBU Ars Acustica conference on June 14th, 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Set in a big room surrounded by terrace balcony on top of City Hotel in Ljubljana live performance focused on merging and blending sound field recordings from local milieu and with sophisticated recordings of electromagnetic radio waves from outer space.

It is in My Nature @ Respublika! – A Cypriot community media arts festival

It is in My Nature @ Respublika! – A Cypriot community media arts festival

Respublika! A Cypriot community media arts festival, NeMe Arts Center, curator Nico Carpenter++++

As certain spaces and times have become over-saturated, due to urbanization and the population explosion, certain (animal) species have began withdrawing to underpopulated landscapes and unoccupied times – into the night. We understand these withdrawals as a search for solutions that could lead to a ‘better quality of life’, an existence that would be better than the one offered to us by over-saturated spaces-times.

Because of the culling, disease, shrinking of the natural habitat and living environment of the already decimated wolf packs, humans are counting wolf packs and its members, mapping their paths, statistically recording their minimal growth or decline. While researchers and volunteers try to count wolfs’ current population on the terrain on the one hand, demands by stock breeders, hunter organizations, illegal shootings by wild hunters, numerous traffic accidents after wolfs crossing roads at night-time are constantly reducing those numbers on the other hand. A cynical paradox, so present and embedded in human society, shows its real face here as well: first, we take their land and resources; then we limit their numbers according to remained territories; and at the very end, classifying them as endangered species, we launch calls to protect them.

With the above mentioned, Zorman approached his It’s in My Nature composition creating a sound work as a fluctuating collective echoing night scream against loneliness, despair, solitude, isolation and surrender.


Also presented at Respublika! festival was 

wolFMoon howling

by Irena Pivka (concept, video and illustrations)
Brane Zorman (conduction and composition),
Irena Pivka, Jasmina Založnik (text)
Sunčan Stone (photo and video sources)

More information about wolFMoon howling project

Moon Pong – Ping.Ping a test planned on Dec 30, 2016

Moon Pong – Ping.Ping a test planned on Dec 30, 2016

A project by Brane Zorman and Hakan Lidbo

Welcome to the biggest interactive game ever created by a human being

Moon Pong – Ping.Ping is planned to become the largest interactive game that was ever created, with the largest natural outreach delivered and accepted trails (ie. the transmitted, received and recorded radio signal) based on EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications. Initiated by artists Brane Zorman and Hakan Lidbo Moon Pong – Ping.Ping is set to cross international and space borders by-passing physical limits and creating an enormously vast playground field where EME radio amateur community plays a crucial role in projects realization.

For more deatiled information about the Moon Pong – Ping.Ping project please go to

During extensive testing and code (node.js) development by slovenian programmers Slavko Glamočanin and Gregor Žigon have finally installed and successfully launched the custom application that can track various location activities (EME members at their hash locations) and simultaneously calculate the distance and time response according to virtual time 0 to avoid wrong results and point after players press “received” button. The code was originally made by swedish programmer    who is partner in team with Hakan Lidbo, but was completely rewritten as for this first initial test phase we needed an application with specific features.

On december 30, 2016 in the early afternoon we have launched a Moon Pong – Ping.Ping test game with 7 players on different locations. After some expected technical issues and solved login problems we started game at 1.25 CET+1, The test run for about 10 minutes with no difficulties whatsoever but then we had to stop and cancel further gaming and testing because of players other schedules. The whole project process was commented live and video of screen activities was recorded to be glued together with almost no editing. The video was broadcasted to a broader audience live on CONA YouTube channel same day at 22.00 (GMT+1).

You can watch video documentary here:

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