Brane Zorman – Metal Pole Woodpeckers @ Soundcamp 2020 (1st play)

Brane Zorman Metal Pole Woodpeckers
Ljubljana, city centre, the pedestrian zone, a four road crossroads with three pedestrian crossings, six lighting columns
Thursday, 4 April 2020, 8:30 pm Recording with binaural and quadro microphones
The pulsation of two different rhythmical structures is
filling the silence in a sustained, steady, monotonous and
persistent manner, rebounding from the concrete ground
and walls of nearby buildings.
The task these structures perform is very simple. They
signal to the pedestrians and cyclists that they have two
options: “Stop – wait” and “Move on”.
There are no pedestrians, no cyclists – there were none
before as well.

Soundcamp 2020 
Online festival – part of the project Acoustic Commons
from 5AM UTC+1 Saturday  2 May to 6AM on Sunday 3 May
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