Sound Walk September 2020 – Sandbox receives honourable mention

walk · listen · create is home of Sound Walk September, the yearly event that celebrates the experience of walking, augmented by sound. It can be seen as home for walking artists as it collects the publications of artists who walk, and provides a place for walking artists to share their websites, thoughts, pieces and events.

Among two SWS20 Winners Sandbox received honourable mention.

From the jury notification:

SandBox, by Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman, captures the period of silence during the pandemic when daily life ground to a halt, followed by the subsequent gradual return to noise. Sandbox is a downloadable, site-specific, geo-located, participatory work that invites walkers to explore the transitional spaces of railroad tracks that have awaited redevelopment for over a decade, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Artists Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman use the audio walk as a format to encourage active listening and increase sensitivity for our coexistence with the landscape. By extending an invitation to reevaluate the surrounding environment and its potential, Sandbox invites a meditation on planetary limits through the intersection of both real and fictional spaces. 

The jury was impressed by the use of walking as a political act and as a tool for the consideration of alternative futures. As nature rehabilitates and repopulates the abandoned area, walking participants can consider how nature reasserts and regenerates itself, and in that awareness find a vision for societal change.”

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