Hidden Materia – audio work for broadcast or live performance

Hidden Materia is a sound performance / electro-acoustic composition for two computers and several networked controllers. pickups, Raspberry PI2 with HD camera as a controller.
Hidden Materia is the final part of the trilogy developed in 2012-2014. The sound composition is conceived as an ongoing journey of the liquid, vivid, raw, energy of terrestrial magma that is undergoing several processes of transformation and synthesis before its liberation and coming to rest on the earth’s surface. The last phase and the subsequent stabilization and formation of solid matter on earth is realized through expected and unexpected eruptions and explosions, gas dispersions in water, air and on the ground. Ready-made images, video clips and databases containing these processes are being decoded and manipulated in real time and further, converted into sound with programs like NI Reaktor, MetaSynth 5 and Max For Live.

Brane Zorman_perfromances 20142Brane Zorman_perfromances 20144Brane Zorman_perfromances 20145Brane Zorman_perfromances 20147