Moon Pong – Ping.Ping a test planned on Dec 30, 2016

Moon Pong – Ping.Ping a test planned on Dec 30, 2016

A project by Brane Zorman and Hakan Lidbo

Welcome to the biggest interactive game ever created by a human being

Moon Pong – Ping.Ping is planned to become the largest interactive game that was ever created, with the largest natural outreach delivered and accepted trails (ie. the transmitted, received and recorded radio signal) based on EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communications. Initiated by artists Brane Zorman and Hakan Lidbo Moon Pong – Ping.Ping is set to cross international and space borders by-passing physical limits and creating an enormously vast playground field where EME radio amateur community plays a crucial role in projects realization.

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During extensive testing and code (node.js) development by slovenian programmers Slavko Glamočanin and Gregor Žigon have finally installed and successfully launched the custom application that can track various location activities (EME members at their hash locations) and simultaneously calculate the distance and time response according to virtual time 0 to avoid wrong results and point after players press “received” button. The code was originally made by swedish programmer    who is partner in team with Hakan Lidbo, but was completely rewritten as for this first initial test phase we needed an application with specific features.

On december 30, 2016 in the early afternoon we have launched a Moon Pong – Ping.Ping test game with 7 players on different locations. After some expected technical issues and solved login problems we started game at 1.25 CET+1, The test run for about 10 minutes with no difficulties whatsoever but then we had to stop and cancel further gaming and testing because of players other schedules. The whole project process was commented live and video of screen activities was recorded to be glued together with almost no editing. The video was broadcasted to a broader audience live on CONA YouTube channel same day at 22.00 (GMT+1).

You can watch video documentary here: